Non-profit Organisation ASBL’s General Terms and Conditions of Sale

Article 1. General

1.1 By clicking “Validate” at the end of the order process and ticking the box “I accept the general terms and conditions of sale”, the consumer declares to have read and unconditionally accepts the general terms and conditions of sale in their entirety.

1.2 reserves the right to modify and update the general terms and conditions of sale at any time and without notice.

1.3 Any failure by to avail itself at any time of a stipulation of these terms may not be interpreted as withdrawal from said stipulation.

Article 2. Withdrawal

The consumer does not have the right to withdraw from the purchase unless otherwise set out in article 9.2 of these general terms and conditions of sale (terms), in accordance with article VI.53, 12 of the Economic Law Code.

Article 3. Ticket usage restrictions

3.1 The ticket issued is only valid on the date and at the time indicated and for the services mentioned on the ticket, with the exception of the “BRUSSELS CARD”, which becomes valid from the moment it is activated, and which the customer has one year to activate from the time of purchase.

3.2 Only tickets bought on “”, “”, “” and “” , which are websites run by “”, are valid, as are those bought at the ticket offices at welcome offices (Grand Place and 2-4 Rue Royale, 1000 Brussels). Any forgery of tickets will lead to prosecution.

3.3 Tickets may not be used for promotional and/or commercial purposes without the authorisation of the organisers and of

Article 4. Issuing of tickets

4.1 Printing the purchase confirmation page sent by does not constitute a ticket. This document may in no case be used as a ticket. The customer can opt between two ticket issuing methods: (i) a ticket that can be printed at home (“e-ticket”), or (ii) a ticket that can be downloaded onto a mobile phone (“m-ticket”).

4.2 Ticket to print at home (e-ticket)
Tickets to be printed at home are available and can be printed by the customer up until the date of the visit or service booked by the customer by clicking on the link in the confirmation email or by downloading the e-ticket document (PDF document) attached to the confirmation email. In order to be valid, the e-ticket must be printed on a single sheet of blank A4 paper. Each ticket has a barcode. The print quality must be high. Partially printed, stained, damaged or illegible tickets will not be accepted and will not be considered valid.

4.3 Ticket to download onto a mobile phone (m-ticket)
The m-ticket contains a unique barcode giving access to the service.
The barcode must be legible: damaged phones (cracked, broken or chipped screens, etc.) making it impossible to read the barcode will not be accepted and will not be considered valid.

Each barcode is valid for one entry ticket. The ticket may only be scanned once on the date stated on the ticket. If the same barcode is used more than once, only the first ticket scanned will give access to the event. Furthermore, only the first person to present the ticket will be admitted to the event venue. This person will be presumed to be the legitimate ticket holder.

Depending on the event, show or service, the ticket will be:

  • exchanged for another ticket by the organiser (voucher for a ticket) a minimum of 15 minutes before the start of the show/event indicated on the ticket.
  • give direct access to the event (exhibition, trade fair, etc.) and will be scanned at the entrance to the venue.

In the event that the booking of the service or event is in someone’s name, an ID document may be requested by the organiser of the access control at the event, show or service.

Article 5. Responsibility

5.1 The ticket holder and their companions attend the event or journey the ticket gives access to under their own responsibility and waive all recourse against In no case will be responsible in the event of material or bodily damage caused to third parties. The same applies for any theft or loss that may occur during the event the ticket is issued for.

5.2’ responsibility vis-à-vis the customer is exclusively limited to its role as the service provider in the sale of vouchers. is not responsible in case of delays or modifications to times or, in general, any modification decided by the organisers.

Article 6. Personal data

6.1 The data given by the customer when booking a ticket is processed in accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation).

These data is processed for the following purposes:

  1. Administrative handling of bookings
  2. Improvement of the service
  3. Handling of invoices and methods of payment
  4. Gathering consumer information in case of cancellation or modification of the date and time or of the places of departure and arrival
  5. For advertising purposes, for the communication of information about new services and products, on the condition that the consumer ticked the consent box
  6. Communication to the organisers as well as their transfer for the purposes of surveys or direct marketing actions to any partner or affiliated company.

6.2 Individual consumers may at any time ask to stop receiving emails from or oppose any use of their data for marketing purposes by emailing or sending a letter to the following address:, 2-4 rue Royale, 1000 Bruxelles.

6.3 In accordance with the EU Regulation cited above, individual consumers have the right to access and rectify their personal  data.  To  do  this,  individual  consumers  can  send  a  request  by  email  to or by post to the following address:, 2-4 rue Royale, 1000 Bruxelles.

Article 7. Cancellation and refunds

Tickets cannot be refunded, returned or exchanged, even in case of loss or theft. In case the event is cancelled or postponed, any refund or the sending of new tickets will be at the sole expense of the organiser, under its own conditions.

A duplicate of an electronic ticket may only be issued after the identity of the buyer has been verified and after having received a request from the buyer sent by email to

Article 8. Intellectual property

8.1 The websites managed by as well as the elements that comprise them (such as logos, trademarks, domain names, titles, images or other content) are the property of or their use has been authorised by third parties. The consumer is not authorised to reproduce, rebroadcast or use for any reason, even partially, website elements, whether software, visual or sound elements. Any simple or hypertext link is strictly forbidden without the prior written consent of

8.2 Considering the legal provisions regarding intellectual property, all voucher designs, graphic creations and other creations by will be its exclusive property and may not be counterfeited or reprinted in any format.

Article 9. Specific terms and conditions

9.1 ”Tram Experience”

9.1.1 The “Tram Experience” is an initiative implemented by in partnership with STIB (Société des Transports Intercommunaux de Bruxelles) (hereinafter “the organisers”).

9.1.2 accepts no responsibility for any technical faults which make it temporarily impossible to hold a “ Tram Experience ” event. will in no way be held responsible in the event of delays, faults or interruptions to the service in cases of force majeure for events external to

9.1.3 will not be held responsible for the behaviour of consumers on a dining trip.

9.1.4 does not guarantee the accuracy of the tram timetable.

9.1.5 will not be held responsible for any loss or damages (direct, indirect, material or immaterial) caused on a dining trip. The same applies for any theft or loss that may occur during the dining trip the ticket is issued for.

9.1.6 The consumer recognises and accepts that the FAQ (under “in practice”, “frequent questions”) are an integral part of the terms and conditions of sale of the “Tram Experience” and are incorporated to them by reference. The FAQ may be modified by at any time.

9.2 Tickets for the Atomium

9.2.1 informs that the customer has a withdrawal period of fourteen (14) days, with no requirement to justify their decision. This period ends fourteen (14) days following receipt of the order confirmation email. The customer (in its capacity as the consumer) informs the Seller of their decision to withdraw from the contract before the end of the withdrawal period. To do this, the customers can make an unambiguous statement of their decision to withdraw from the contract by email to

9.2.2 Notwithstanding the foregoing, any ticket bought may not be returned or refunded even in case of loss or theft or if it is forgotten.

9.2.3 will not be held responsible in cases of force majeure affecting the visit to the Atomium building and leading to its total or partial closure, as the case may be. If due to force majeure the visit to the Atomium is curtailed or the customer is refused access to the Atomium building or a substantial part of it, the ticket price will not be refunded.

No refund or exchange will be made in the event of delay or impossibility of accessing the Atomium building related to the customer arriving late or in the event of unfavourable visibility conditions (fog, etc.)

9.2.4 Refunds will only be given under the following conditions:

  • On the same day, in cash, at the Atomium ticket office on presentation of the ticket(s)
  • Only if the elevator (and/or escalators) is out of service for more than 2 consecutive hours
  • On an individual basis (max. 10 tickets)

Article 10. Nullity of a clause, applicable law and jurisdiction

10.1 Nullity, expiry or the unenforceability of all or any of the provisions of these terms will not entail the nullity of the other clauses, which will remain valid. Wholly or partially null, void or unenforceable provisions will be deemed not to have been written. undertakes to substitute any such provision with another, which, insofar as possible, has the same function.

10.2 These terms are exclusively governed, interpreted and applied in accordance with Belgian law.

10.3 The parties will endeavour to amicably settle any dispute which may arise from the interpretation or execution of these terms. Any dispute arising from or regarding the interpretation or the execution of these terms, which could not be settled amicably by the parties, shall be decided by an arbitration panel consisting of one arbitrator. The arbitrator shall be appointed (i) with the mutual consent of the parties within ten (10) days of the start of the proceedings, (ii) or by CEPANI (the Belgian arbitration and mediation centre) in the absence of an appointment by mutual consent at the end of the aforementioned ten (10) day period. The arbitrator shall act in accordance with Belgian law. The costs of the arbitration and expertise shall be borne by the losing party, and in the event of any difficulty with their application, shared between the parties in the proportion decided by the arbitrator.